Creative Communication: 2012/13 Projects

Image Credit: Smabs Sputzer/Flickr

Image Credit: Smabs Sputzer (via Flickr)

In January the MSc Science Communication 2012/13 cohort of Imperial College London embarked on a three month project making cultural products and creative artefacts that reflect concepts and themes of science communication.

In groups of three, students put their heads together to dream up creative products which best reflected the aspect of science communication that they wanted to delve into. From multimedia productions, sculptures, games and art installations the groups all produced their artefacts from scratch. The creative effort was a negotiation of skills the groups already possessed or learnt along the way and an intellectual exploration of the theoretical foundations of science communication and engagement.

The students spent weeks filming, photographing, cutting, sticking, colouring in and covertly papering London with street art stickers. The outcome of this huge effort was a variety of artistic interpretations of science communication: film, games, sculpture, street art, propaganda, murder mystery, glass and a mobile.

On an engaging day at the end of March, every group gave a presentation of the artwork through mediums of performance and discussion, highlighting the underlying metaphors and meaning of science communication. They embraced a variety of themes including the scientific method, scientific progress, normal science, the history of science, scientific theories, the sociology of science, public engagement, policy making, and scientific discovery, to name but a few.

Over the following weeks we hope our readers will enjoy a foray into the creative output of the groups’ work and explore with us their key ideas and reflections on science communication. We will post the first project on Friday so watch out!


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