JENGA: Does science make progress?

The sixth in our series on this year’s group projects by Sci Com students is a stop-motion animation made by Nicola Guttridge, Victoria Charlton and Lucy Van Dorp to explore the question ‘Does science make progress?’


For our MSc Science Communication course, we were required to investigate the concept of ‘science communication’ in whatever way took our fancy. We decided to produce a stop-motion animation exploring the question, ‘What is scientific progress?’ – even though 2 out of 3 group members were completely clueless about how to make such an animation!

The film illustrates how science has advanced in three specific fields, and asks questions about the nature of science, its aims, and how it attempts to achieve these aims. While the film doesn’t offer any definitive answers to the questions it poses, we hope that it will encourage any watchers to question what they know about scientific practice and encourage critical thinking. It also illustrates our learning of new skills during the process!

The three topics chosen were Evolution, Drug Commercialisation and Relativity – relating to our own personal areas of interest. We hope you enjoy it!


Nicola Guttridge, Victoria Charlton and Lucy Van Dorp are all currently studying for an MSc in Science Communication at Imperial College, London. 


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