Beautiful Science Exhibition at the Brick Lane Gallery

If you appreciate both science and art, an exhibition starting this week at the Brick Lane Galley will provide a rare opportunity to see the two beautifully combined.  Beautiful Science hopes to engage a wide audience by presenting cutting-edge research in a new and exciting way. 


Beautiful Science is a SciArt project run by early-career postdoctoral researchers from Imperial College London (

The Beautiful Science Exhibition will take part at the Brick Lane Gallery (Annexe), 26th June – 2nd July. The project is supported/sponsored by Imperial College and the Wellcome Trust People’s Award as well as Kimtech, Elga and Kingston College.

Is there beauty in raw scientific data? 

At Beautiful Science they have collaborated with artists in an experiment to translate and communicate this beauty to an audience of art-goers.

The scientific data on display encompasses photography of worlds invisible to the naked eye and the graphs, charts and records that are part and parcel of scientific practice. The artworks range across media, encompassing film, photography, painting and design. The relationship between the raw data and artistic interpretation vary across a spectrum from literal and direct engagement to highly abstract, evocative works that bear only the echo of scientific inspiration.

You can also check out their Facebook page here:


 Details of how to get to the Brick Lane Gallery can be found here: – nearest tubes are Liverpool St – Algate East – Shoreditch Overground 

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